Seymour Centre

The Seymour Centre approached my design studio to create a new look season program for their Reginald Theatre- one of the smaller theatres at the Seymour Centre. The performances are varied, with a strong focus on emerging artists.

I was responsible for the creative thinking and process behind the concept and design. My pitch was to create an underground and gritty feel, while also appearing youthfully colourful and psychedelic. This was to express the experimental nature that is the Reginald theatre. My contribution involved meeting with the client, portraying my vision and presenting mock-ups. Some of the season’s shows had imagery that I needed to include whilst keeping the program looking consistent in tone and nature.

The campaign was very successful and the client was incredibly happy with the design. The success of the campaign can still be seen today. My design concept became the basis for the substantial Seymour Centre rebranding in 2016. I was personally recognised by the design agency that worked on the rebranding and they acknowledged the inspiration they had taken from my work.

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