I am the kind of designer and artist who hears the brief, thinks hard about the project, and comes up with the kind of solution that can make the project ‘ownable’ as well as recognisable to the brand. I rifle through questions like:

“What has been done before? How can we make it better? And what can we do to inspire the words; Wow, that’s different”.

My work with graphic design began with my studies at The Enmore Design Centre. I majored in illustration and in my 9-5 I am Production Coordinator and Designer working with the amazing team at Avant Card. After hours, I think of my self as a General Creative – A person who applies their imagination and original ideas to as many people, places, or things as possible. In most of my spare time, this translates into creating exhibitions,  collaborations and developing other projects. 

My main interests revolve around travel, illustration, photography, art galleries, new music, cartoons, collecting things and doing good deeds.